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Welcome to The AIM Program...helping you become

the first in the history of your family with no family history.

Remember Humpty Dumpty, and his "great fall"? Is it possible that we all have a lot in common with him? Was there anything he could have done to remove his propensity to go "splat"? Is there anything we can do to remove our own "fault lines"? And why in the world would someone write not one but two articles about him?

Stephen Lewis, the developer of a miraculous healing technology known as the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing* (All Inclusive Method), finds Humpty an ideal means of explaining what "healing" is, the need for it, and our role in it and potentials of it, should we choose to do it.

If the articles speak to you, we invite you to request more information to get personal assistance as you begin to explore the potentials of self-healing with the AIM Program.

Perhaps THE best place to start is by reading the novel, Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness by Stephen Lewis and Evan Slawson, two of the three co-founders of EMC², which chronicles decades of research and private practice, along with important foundational concepts, that culminated in the creation of this 24/7 healing technology in 1999. With humor and easy reading, you’ll find yourself discovering a whole new world of possibilities where you, just like Jane who’d been written off as incurable, can tap in to your potential to achieve unparalleled well-being, health and vitality - well beyond what most people have ever known or considered possible, largely due to limited perceptions of our innate healing potential and understanding of how and why illness actually manifests.

Then, your information packet will guide you to additional resources, including an audio Introduction to AIM by Roberta Hladek, the third EMC² co-founder and inspiration behind Jennifer in Sanctuary, and short videos to further explain key AIM concepts and the concept of energetic evaluation to detect energetic imbalances, or potentials for negative manifestations, like Humpty’s fault lines.

Deconstructing/Reconstructing Humpty Dumpty Part 1
by Stephen Lewis
Imbalances in consciousness can be described as energetic imbalances. An energetic imbalance can have the same name as the actual physical “disease” such as lung cancer, the flu, depression, etc., but it does not necessarily mean you have the physical condition. However, I believe it does mean this: either you have the physical condition already or you will have it shortly UNLESS YOU REMOVE THE IMBALANCE FROM YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. This is known as "healing".

If you remove an energetic imbalance from your consciousness, the physical manifestation of such a thing can no longer thrive, or even survive, in your physical body. That is how you heal yourself. This belief is shared by both quantum physics and spirituality. In fact, it is why healing and healers are considered to be spiritual in nature. It also helps explain why there are churches called, "Religious Science" or "Science of Mind.

Regarding Humpty Dumpty, it is my belief that, in the absence of fault lines, Humpty would have just gotten banged up, and a little dirty. He would have needed to be detailed rather than put back together. Unfortunately, he broke exactly where he was programmed to age.

Well, what are these fault lines? They are the weaknesses Humpty brought with him. We may call them ancestral or hereditary; however, they are certainly karmic. Think about it. Why would he have brought weaknesses with him if they weren't things he needed to resolve?

If this sounds whimsical or fanciful think about your application for health insurance. Does either parent have cancer? How about heart disease or diabetes? False teeth, crippled, bald, etc… – article continued

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*A Note from EMC² on "energetic balancing"

We realize that there are many paths to consciousness, but we ask that as you choose to participate in an energetic healing ministry, you know that what is illustrated in Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness and on this web site is only offered by EMC².

Extensive energetic evaluation by Stephen Lewis of people using other energetic modalities reveals the continued presence of energetic imbalances that you can easily remove using the balancing energies provided by the AIM (All Inclusive Method) Program.

EMC² created the AIM Program in 1998 and is its sole source. The AIM Program is the result of revelations given to Stephen Lewis, and is the culmination of his life’s work. He continues to develop the AIM Program; new balancing energies are revealed and added regularly. The AIM Program has the highest integrity, and our participants continue to receive powerful energetic results.

Stephen hosts a weekly Everything is Energy Show to keep AIM participants informed of all new revelations and program updates and expansions.

Peace and blessings,

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