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Helping people and pets, worldwide, self-heal 24/7
to achieve remarkable levels of balance and well-being

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Discover the power of YOU, healing non-stop on AIM*

  • Learn why even your best efforts until now may not have resulted in extreme well-being, and how the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing can help you get there, on every level: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
  • Discover the joy of shedding limiting perspectives that block your potential for abundance
  • Thousands upon thousands of powerful balancing energies supporting you, 24/7: for healing and anti-aging; to enhance feelings of gratitude, unconditional love, courage, worthiness & thousands more
  • No courses to take, no equipment to buy, no appointments to make or keep
  • Backed by decades of spiritual research and private healing practice
  • Helping tens of thousands worldwide since 1999 Ė read/view some of their stories
  • Not a single price increase since inception in 1999; Family Plan is a huge price decrease
  • Continuous frequency updates to the AIM Program database (AIM = All Inclusive Method)
  • Weekly newsletter e-mails and radio shows by EMC² Founders, to support and update you

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Sanctuary book

Read about the decades of work that preceded the evolution of AIM and about the ability and urgency for all of us to self-heal in our book, Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness. The Prologue to Sanctuary and its two Epilogues are available here, in 5 languages.

"People recognize that their inner needs arenít being met. Theyíre itching for a change, but they donít know how to get there. But People who have come here for energetic balancing find that their feelings of well-being return; they have much more energy; they think more clearly; and their emotions are calmer, more centered and more loving." - Sanctuary page 88

Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall

What's Humpty Dumpty got to do with this?

Unlike Humpty, who couldnít be put back together, even with lots of outside help, you can heal those weak areas you may have inherited, and become the first in the history of your family with no family history (except the good stuff). Read about this incredible potential you have in Deconstructing/Reconstructing Humpty Dumpty, an article by Stephen Lewis.

Meet the Founders

Stephen Lewis     Roberta Hladek     Evan Slawson

Current Resources & Events

Weekly Everything is Energy Show

with AIM Developer, Stephen Lewis
Thursday, 9 AM PST, online or via phone

AIM Program
Weekly Newsletter + Archives

News about newly-revealed balancing-energies,
featured stories about experiences on AIM,
announcements for upcoming talks and more.

Latest Monthly Founder Call

Founder call with Evan Slawson
Wellness, Karma and AIM

How the AIM Program helps you transform your life.
Call is 26 minutes, plus add'l Q&A

November 18, 2015

Click for MP3 file

59 minutes

Next Monthly Founder Call:

Founder call with Stephen Lewis
Further Developments In Everything I Don't Know
And Then Some, 2015 Edition

We'll review some of the highlights and insights of the past year
and get a glimpse of some future areas of interest.

December 16, 2015
Click here for details

*EMC² Disclosure: AIM Energetic Balancing is not medicine or healthcare and it does not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease. EMC²ís holographic, spiritual technology helps you heal energetic imbalances in consciousness, where everything is created and where all true healing occurs. Only you can heal you – AIM assists you in doing so, 24/7. Imbalances in consciousness are what EMC² believes to be the predispositions, precursors or potentials for eventual negative manifestation, unless healed by you. Once healed from your consciousness, imbalances are gone for good and can neither manifest nor be passed on to offspring. Hence the phrase "Become the first in the history of your family with no family history, (except the good stuff)". Just as every individual is unique, every AIM participantís healing experience is unique to them.

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