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Mary from Florida - Enrolled on AIM November 2010 - Testimonial provided December 2011

Mary describes how only a year after putting her home on the AIM Program the bald spots in her grass filled in, while nothing else seemed to work.
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For about two years I have had an issue with bald spots in my grass. I even got one of those nasty letters from the neighborhood association that if I didn't fix it they would, and charge me - they were assuming I had not attempted to fix it! Prior to putting the house on AIM I tried several things such as planting grass plugs in all the bald spots. When that didn't work I hired a lawn service. And when that did not fix it, I tried fertilizer, and a number of other options.

I walked the yard after you and I talked regarding my upcoming home renewal and the subtle kinds of changes I might see, and to my happy surprise most of the bad spots have filled in since my home has been on AIM. The only thing that has changed is that I put my house on AIM and now the bald spots are almost completely filled in!

I am so tickled by everything that the AIM Program has permitted me to accomplish since enrolling, and gosh, I can hardly remember when I originally enrolled! Anyway, I am so pleased, and now seeing such improvement in my yard just makes me grin with delight.

I am so glad EMC² and the AIM Program are here for me.

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